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Intake is Fixed

The new intake block plate looks great. As always, LCE Engineering delivers. Cleaning the old silicone off took the most time, next to removing the manifold with the carburetor on it. Drained half my coolant before disconnecting all my hoses. Drained the remaining coolant and gas from the carburetor by holding it upside down for […]

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Delta DPS-1200TB 1200W Power Supply Enable Pinout

These power supplies have been around for a while, these two came out of a Pure Storage array at work after a SAS to NVME upgrade project. The power supplies themselves are dedicated 12V Rails, and have documentation. The challenge was finding the correct datasheet and understanding the pinout. The Top of the PSU on […]

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Pertronix Ignition

Worked on outlining the changes i need to make to the ignition. This includes the replacement of points to Pertronix electronic ignition. Got a replacement Accell coil, and confirmed that its resistance/voltage allow for the removal of the white resistor. It supports higher voltage, like the flamethrower coils. Otherwise the voltage is too low for […]

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