Toyota Chinook = Toyota Pickup Longbed
1977 Chinook = Toyota Model RN23L

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Summary of Tire Requirements:

This is a conservative outline of how to choose the best tires for your Type 2 based on factory recommendations. Running tires that are insufficiently load rated, for a passenger car, or too wide (especially on a heavier Type 2 camper) can lead to problems such as: tread separation and blowouts, poor handling, and premature steering component wear. Wider tires such as 205s will fit under the wheel well, but might scrape the bodywork in turns and will be more difficult to steer from a standstill.

  • SIZE: 185R14 (195 is also acceptable providing they meet the other load and sidewall requirements)

Dexstar Conventional Steel Wheel with Offset – 14″ x 5-1/2″ Rim – 5 on 4-1/2 – Black – AM20304

Americana Baby Moon Trailer Wheel Center Cap – Chrome-Plated Steel – Qty 1 – AM90086

  • LOAD RANGE: “C” or “D” Light Truck (LT) tires.
  • MAXIMUM LOAD RATING: 1500-1700 lbs +
  • SIDEWALL: Must have reinforced sidewall (i.e. more than the standard one ply sidewall found on a passenger car tire). Preferably 4 ply sidewall–this is the critical factor for improved handling.
  • ALL SEASON: M+S (mud and snow) rated, all season (depends on your individual driving conditions/climate/local laws)
  • TREAD: Preferably aggressive

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Reference: De-Smog Video – LCE 22R EGR & Emissions Delete (Also a Weber Carb Install & Vacuum Lines Removal) De-Smog – De-Smog – Engine – Head – Transmission –

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