Mellow Sous Vide Teardown

Started the teardown of the crash/burn crowdfunded sous vide cooker by cook Mellow. The site is offline, the service and app are offline and it is an IOT Brick.

A Simple teardown reveals the following “MC_ECU_V05” custom pcb running electric imp silicon and software with built in wifi: Electric Imp Secure IoT Connectivity Platform they got bought out by Twilio, and my guess is going for more sip/sms/mms automated devices.

The board runs the following:

4x 4 wire Load sensors for determining distributed weight.
1x 24v fan for the Peltier unit
1x 24v Switched output for the Peltier unit
1x Switched AC for Air Bubbler
1x Switched AC for Heating Element in tank
1x Thermocouple for Peltier unit?
1x Tank Thermocouple/thermistor?

It looks like there is a 6 pin header, possibly serial? will need to investigate. It looks like most of electric imp’s hardware uses flashes of light to program Wi-Fi information/controller info. Based on the limited internet documentation for their stuff. Their android app is out of date, and I wonder if anything could be done with the existing controller (doubt it).

Power Supply is a standard LRS-150-24 PSU

Air pump is a generic AC small black brick with a air pump tube output

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